Import to update existing tasks

@Jesus_Ortigosa Interesting idea. . but tough to test. Can you help with screenshots because I am a bit confused on how this works project to project with rules?
I’ve lost potential business because of the lack of this feature. . .

@David_Oliver Sure. Let me show you how I do.

Step 1 (Picture 1 and 4)

I prepare a project with the correspondent sections and a custom field which I call “Project section” with a dropdown corresponding also to the sections.

Step 2 (Picture 2)

Add to the project 1-rule per section as the picture shows.

When a task is added with a project section (custom field) equal to “X”, then move to the correspondent section.

Step 3 (Picture 3)

When importing your template, instead of importing the sections as “sections”, do it as the custom field “Project section” you prepared before.

Hope it is clear!

Let me know if it was helpful.

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THIS is much easier for me to understand and will test with dummy data I have to verify over 50 task limits.

You are welcome @David_Oliver! I am using it frequently and it will save you a lot of frustration :sweat_smile:

I would like to add my vote to this import/update existing values feature. This lack of functionality will now require over 800 manual updates by yours truly!

I’m so excited to be the first person this year to bump this nearly four-year-old feature request! Hey, Asana? Any idea when this incredibly obvious feature for anyone operating in systems other than Asana might get some attention? Trying to decide if I’m going to move my company off of Asana and the lack of transparency on this item just might be the dealbreaker!
A longtime Asana Ambassador and advocate.

@Robert_Coombs, I’ll second your bump request for 2022. :tada:

BUMP! Let’s get this done! Should be easy to do by requiring to match on Task ID!

I’m joining in on the bumping!!! This will definitely help save time!

Added my vote for this one!

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Does anyone know of any project management software that would allow you to export in bulk, edit in excel and import back in to update without creating a new task? It’s imperative for business to be able to do this

I am adding my vote as well… I have been waiting for this feature.

Bump… bump… bumping

Can you export/import a project to edit details with CSV without duplicating the task?

When I try and do it, it recreates a new task even though the csv has the same “TASK ID”

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What I could find is this post that is still open, so I assume that this is currently not possible:


As far as I can tell it’s still NOT possible with Asana but I was able to do it using Integromat (now Make). You just map TaskID and the fields (custom or otherwise) that you want to inject and hit go. Took about 5 mins to get up and running.

Could someone @Asana let us know if and when this will be picked up by the team? It seems that quite a few people would benefit from it

a Great workaround is to use the new Google Sheet sync feature by Unito. Just tested it out and it works excellent!

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Paul, My first try using google sheets with unito to do this failed.
To make sure we’re trying to do the same thing…

I start with:
() existing asana tasks in a project that are sync’d from github
() I export a csv list of the same github issues but with the github project kanban column name (e.g. work in progress)

I want to sync up just the one column value against existing asana tasks.

Is this similar to what you’ve done succesfully?

@Michael_Reekie Make sure that the sheet is correctly formatted. There should be two extra columns and I think the first or second row should be frozen. Also make sure that the first column is the “UnitoId” and the last column is “Last Modified”. See the example.