Import spreadsheet as project with subtasks failing

Trying to create a project that includes sub-tasks using the CSV Importer. It is creating a custom field called “Subtask of” with all of the parent tasks. Not actually creating the subtasks.

In some cases it works properly, and I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. One case I found was referring to a parent task that did not exist. That seemed to ‘break’ the import and creating the custom field instead.

I fixed the input file, and still broken.

Is there any log file produced by the Importer that might give me insight?

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

And by sometimes it works, I mean - I delete the last half o the input file and it works. SO clearly my input file could (probably?) is to blame but it isn’t clear to me what the issue is. And doing this brute force to isolate the issue is very time consuming especially since I’m not even sure what I could be doing wrong.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Ok, I understand what is wrong now. I have some rows referring to a non-existent parent. Not just the one I knew about and fixed. When I fixed them all, the importer works as expected.

But is there a way to identify issues - my thought would be a log file generated by the importer when it finds issues.

But in this case, it was pilot error!

For some fields when you go into « make changes » mode then if you put your mouse over the column header it does explain errors (like unrecognised date at line 12)

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