Import sequencing

I imported 250 tasks with numbers for task names - thinking Asana would sequence them in numeric order, but it didn’t. I thought I’d fix that by sorting alphabetically. But the entire project was sorted alphabetically, not just the section I was working on. Did I do something incorrectly or is there a way to have tasks import in a specific order?

What did you use to import the tasks? The CSV importer?

Yes, the CSV importer


Hi @dtesterman and apologies for the late reply here!

Please have a look at this post written by my colleague to see if this applies to your case. if not, would you mind sharing by DM a screenshot of the CSV and a screenshot of the Project where you have imported these task so we can have a closer look into it?

To send me a DM, simply click on my name in this post and select “Message”.

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply!

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Hi @dtesterman! :wave:

As I commented on this thread: Task order isn't preserved when uploading tasks via CSV oimporter, this issue has been fixed!

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

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