Import and export feature request for the goals module

Currently we work with the goals module and it is very time consuming to add all goals and subgoals for our customers to Asana (every 3 months).

Current process:

  • Specialists add suggested goals to a Google sheet document and discuss these goals with the internal team and the customer. Why not directly in Asana: Asana does not have a clear compact overview and it takes a while to add the (sub)goal and metrics. Also, the customer does not have access to goals (guests are not allowed in the goals section (Asana restriction)).

  • When the (sub)goals have been approved by the customer, our Operations team adds them manually to Asana Goals.

This is really not a very efficient process and it also causes delays in keeping track of the progress of (sub)goals.

An import (add goals to Asana) and export feature (share updates with the customer) for the Goals module would really improve Asana. In order to provide updates to our customers it would also help us out if guests could be given access to a specific team in the goals module (view and comment access).


My org is about to transition all OKRs to Asana. I was just saying today that it would be so helpful to be able to import OKRs into goals to get us started (and to help with buy-in).