Implement due date filters in iOS app

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have a project with the default layout set to show only tasks due today. This default layout works on my Android phone app but not on my iPad app.

Steps to reproduce: Open the project in iPad app and it shows all tasks, not just those due today

Browser version: Works on Chrome browser and Android mobile app, not on iPad mobile app

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @T.C_Stewart and thanks for reaching out. Let’s see if we can resolve this together.

Could you please share a screenshot of this setting to help us understand what is happening here?

Here you go! This is what the filter looks like on the desktop browser, which is where I set it up and saved it as default. The filter isn’t available to change on either the iPad or Android mobile app but on the Android, it does show the default layout correctly even though I can’t edit it. On the iPad app, it just shows all the tasks and doesn’t apply the saved filter.

Thanks for the additional info @T.C_Stewart.

I suspect these filters aren’t supported in mobile altogether (although they’re visible in Android) but let me double-check with our Mobile team, I’ll be in touch as soon as they get back to me!

@T.C_Stewart, I just heard back from our mobile team who confirmed these filters aren’t supported (yet)! Our mobile team is catching up fast on web, so I’m hopeful these will be implemented in future updates! I’ll keep you posted here once it is the case :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’ve moved your post to the #mobile:androidios-feedback so you can vote to support this feature request!

Thanks so much for looking into this! That doesn’t actually make sense though because it does work on Android - even though I can’t edit the filter from Android, it does save the default view. Why would that not also be possible on iOS? It’s kind of an essential component of my daily workflow.

HI @T.C_Stewart, Android and iOS are operating slightly different, so we’re not always to develop features the same way or at the same time. We’ve made tones of progress on Mobile lately, so I’m confident this is something we will fix in the future!