IMAP Integration


Right now, to add a task via email, you have to have everyone in your company send an email to a strange email address thats really hard to remember. What I would love is the ability in Asana to have IMAP support, so that any email sent to, say (not create a task and follow all the standard procedures that you have now


What email system and computer do you use?


Gmail, and our entire company is on Gmail. We all use Macs but I’m not sure how relevant that is as we use Asana for our entire team task tracking, not just personal


I tried previously to use Auto Forwarding, however, this doesn’t add the person who requested the feature as a follower (this is critical for us)


What you can do if you have an IT department, is have them add the contact in the organization - when I send those long emails that are standing requests, I recommend that the teams add them as a contact in gmail under the name “X requests” or what have you.

However, your IT department - or whomever is operating your email organization - can have that contact added automatically I believe. I don’t have them do it for me, because they’re a bit touchy about Asana as they use JIRA =)


The reason I ask is I just finished an outlook add-in for PCs. It is under the website If it is successful I may expand it to Gmail in the clouds. I assume that you know that you can add followers in email by putting them in the cc field.


+1 to Caisha’s idea as an interim solution! That’s a great idea. The project could have its own contact information, just as a person would. That email address could even live in the company-wide address book. That said, we do hear your feedback. I can understand how a complex email address could make email forwarding more difficult. So, while I hope this proposed solution works for your team, I will indeed send your feedback to my team at Asana.


Wow! Everyone on this thread is truely awesome. I’ll take a look

– Colin Poindexter Design - Alation


So nice of you to say, Colin! Let us know how things go and if you have other questions. We’re happy to keep exploring with you…Have a great weekend!