Images loading VERY slow (1 + minute)

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Clicking on an image in a board can take minutes to load and minutes to download.

We make HTML5 games and I’ve noticed this sort of delay before when when we were hosting games in a bucket outside of New Zealand / Australia. Moving our bucket to Sydney fixed this speed issue. I wonder if its the same at your end.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Move to New Zealand
  • Upload an image to a board (say 250kb)
  • Click to open
  • Wait for a minute or two

Browser version:
Firefox 87

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Dan_Milward and thanks for the report.

Are you using some VPNs by any chance? If not, how do you “move your buckets”?

Can you also try to run this test and share the results with us?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Dan_Milward, just checking if you have any updates for us? :slight_smile:

Hi @Dan_Milward, I’m moving this thread to the #bugs:closed category but please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue!

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