I'm missing the Later priority section



I’m missing the “Later” section from the priority ordering in My Tasks (see image)

In an effort to see if it wasn’t there because there was nothing in it, I marked a task for “Later”, but it just disappeared from off the Today/Upcoming list instead making the section appear. Ditto for viewing All or Incomplete task views.


The fact that you have the grey lines on the left means it is still loading. and the Later section is loaded afterwards from what I have seen. Try reloading the page entirely because it looks like the Later section is not loaded yet.


I’ve done this a few times, and I have fast internet; maybe Asana’s struggling this morning…


Apparently not http://trust.asana.com/

Do you have especially many tasks in Today and Upcoming? Could try in Private Navigation mode in Chrome to make sure no extension are messing things up? Any error in the Chrome console? (if you know what that is)


I have two tasks in today and 7 in upcoming. Incognito shows the same thing. The javascript console said that the Harvest app failed to load, so I disabled it, refreshed, and still see the same thing.

54 AM


After disabling the app you still get errors in the console? This is really weird, your app is definitely still loading. You should reach out to the support I guess…


No, the error in the console is not longer there. But my Asana interface hasn’t changed.


@Alexis any idea who we can ask about this issue?


Let’s try one last thing first! Have you used shortcut Tab+L while you’re in the task? You should be able to use the shortcut and the Later section should appear.

If you try that and it doesn’t work, I’ll go ahead and report a bug.