If you share a page in Asany, then its name is not saved.

If you share a page in Asany, then its name is not saved. Instead of its name, Review! is written. It is very inconvenient and strange.


Hi @Sergey_Mayamsin and thank you for reaching out!

In order to understand this issue better can you please confirm the following information:

  • Is this happening only with this particular page or is it also happening with other pages?
  • Is the App updated?
  • Is this also happening on the web version?
  • Can you also confirm what version of Android your are using?

Looking forward to your reply!

this happens: 1) on all pages. 2) on all versions of Android app. 3) in different accounts Asana (not only I, but also my colleagues).

watch the video https://youtu.be/bhuMnRuElPg

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Hi @Sergey_Mayamsin.

Thank you for sharing the video. It was super helpful to clarify what the issue was. I had misunderstood it to be honest.

I just try to reproduce it myself and I got the same behaviour. Let me dig into this and I’ll come back to you as soon as I collect more information.

Thank you for your help! Have a great day!

Hi @Natalia just some additional information for you. If share anything to Asana ie News article, Community post etc. Via Android share facility it defaults the Task Name to Review.


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Happy Friday @Jason_Woods and thank you for the additional information! I’m adding it to the report I filed.

I’ll keep you posted!

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Now I wish for this behavior! For the last couple weeks when I share to Asana in Android, the created task has no name at all. Defaulting to “review” was a lot better than this!

is there any news on this issue?