If I use Rules to move Completed Tasks to a Completed Board will it affect the Calendar View?

Hi there, we’ve been using Asana Premium for about a year to manage our editorial calendar - the calendar is set up as a Project, and content is then entered onto the calendar as a task. I want to view the content in list view so I can easily see the status of the upcoming content. The default view for the project needs to be calendar, so when I go to list view I can’t save the view that I want. Right now I see a huge list of completed tasks. (I know I can adjust the filter but I’m looking for a more permanent solution.)

My solution is to set up a rule to move all completed tasks to a ‘completed’ board, but I need to assure my manager that this will not affect our view of the calendar - we need to be able to look back at older content. Logically this makes sense, but I can’t make the change without this confirmation!

Can someone help me confirm that this is the case?


Hi @Jessica_Bernard and welcome to the forum!

On the contrary, it’s NOT the case. The list and calendar views are both reflecting the tasks in that project. If you move completed tasks out of that project into another one, they will not show on either the list or calendar views. So that’s not going to be your solution.

However, I think there is a simpler solution for you, if I understand your scenario correctly. You’re saying that the default list view for this project is All tasks, correct? You can make the list view default be Incomplete Tasks, which it sounds like what you want, while still having the overall default project view be the calendar. To do that:

  1. Go to the list view.
  2. Set the Filter to Incomplete tasks.
  3. Click the 3-dots menu and choose Save layout as default.
  4. Go to the calendar view.
  5. Click the 3-dots menu and choose Save layout as default.

Now whenever you go to that project, you’ll see the calendar view first. But whenever you switch over to the list view, you’ll see Incomplete tasks only.

Does that get you what you are wanting?


Thank you Phil! Very helpful intel. I still don’t actually understand why allocating a task to a new board moves it out of the project - I thought the boards were just a way of displaying the info - but either way your alternative solution works well for what I need! I didn’t realise you could save a default setting but still have a different default page. Thanks again!

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It’s possible this is just a terminology issue - when you say “a new board”, do you mean “a new column in the same project”?

In Asana, a “board” equates to a project, so when you said “a new board” I assumed you meant move it out of that project into a new one. But now I have a feeling what you meant was “My solution is to set up a rule to move all completed tasks to a ‘completed’ column.” Is that correct? If so, then that would indeed work; such a column would be represented in the list view by a section, so all completed tasks would be sitting in that one section, separate from all other incomplete tasks. In short, it would work - but my initial suggestion is still probably a better one for you!