If I re-order my teams, does everyone see it ... or just me?



If I’m organizing my teams in Asana and dragging them to a different order, will that only apply to me or does that affect everyone who is in the workspace?


No idea, did you ask a colleague :slight_smile: ?


Thanks. Yes - asking a colleague definitely would be the easiest route. (My brain clearly isn’t firing 100%. :woman_facepalming: )


This is an interesting Asana quirk. Project ordering in a Team is seen by everyone. Team ordering is not.


Good catch! I stand corrected (deleted my reply above).

I can see the logic in this, though you could make a case to share both, neither, in addition to how you discovered how it works.


Thank you for the clarification!


Indeed project order is shared.
What can be useful is to have your own colors: projects’ color can be customized, you just have to uncheck “Set for everyone” when you select the color.