Ideas to improve Custom Fields feature

I echo the request for a ‘date’ selection feature in custom fields. My team needs the ability to select a date from a calendar (similar to the way you select the ‘due date’ for a task), but it’s not for the task due date; it’s for other trackable dates related to the task (i.e. when a proposal was submitted, when we received the final version, when the product was delivered, etc.). All these dates need to be tracked in custom fields connected to a task.
My team hopes Asana will broaden the options for custom fields to include date selection. Thank you!

Happy Friday everybody :wave:

Thank you all for for submitting and supporting all these great ideas to improve custom fields.

As some of the requests submitted here have already been addressed (Custom Fields in Subtasks, Ability to sort by Custom Field, Sum value fields, Custom field currency type etc.) and in order to better understand what matters the most to you going forward, we have decided to split this main thread into different sub-threads. I’ve listed them below and I would highly recommend you to cast your vote on the ones you consider most valuable for your workflow.

Please note I’m closing this main thread, but rest ensure we will consider all votes and comments submitted here a of our next Voice of Customer report!

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Hi folks, I just wanted to share that starting tomorrow we’re rolling out an update increasing the number of custom field drop-down option from 50 to 100 :tada: