Ideas to improve Custom Fields feature

@hvy_weight - the major reason we switched away from Airtable to Asana was Airtable’s terrible way of keeping track of notifications & changes.

Any time someone would alter a field, collaborators would get a notification dot - you’d have to click on the notification flag to see the notifications, but it just showed a high level “Sarah changed Row X” - you’d then have to click on each notification to open the item, and read the detailed notifications feed to see what changed. Then click on the next notification item and open it to see what changed there.
If my team changed 20 items overnight, I’d have to pogo back and forth just to read each notification.
Our previous tool (Axosoft) had a similar problem reading notifications.

Asana’s Inbox feature is the best format I’ve found for reading all updates in a single feed AND being able to triage them directly from that feed. No pogoing required. Probably for that feature alone I chose Asana - and the My Tasks view is also helpful to keep track of what you need to do.

It’s got a long way to go before it’s perfect, but our team has adopted Asana well.

I’d looked at Monday, but it looked too simple, and more expensive.


Hi @hvy_weight! Custom fields are also available for subtasks, but in order to get this option, you must associate your subtask with its parent project. By default, subtasks do not inherit their parent task project - > Custom Fields • Asana.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I just want to add to this that alongside a date for a custom field, a month option would also be fantastic. I can manually create a month drop-down list, but I’d love for it to then become actually associated with the calendar.

And second having a place to view/manage all customized fields. I’ve created so many while playing around with things and would love to delete the accidentals/ones that no one would need anymore (would also be great just to see what’s available/others my team have created).

How about adding a default option for custom fields? In drop-down boxes it could be very useful to set a default value during task creation… same thing for text boxes or number…

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Can we get a way to filter calendar view by Custom Field (if the custom field is a drop down). That way I can see all the things scheduled for blogs, facebook, linkedin etc. in my content calendar. Can we also get the functionality in the custom field drop down to multi-select? right now I am creating separate “projects” for each content type as a work around so I can see in calendar view what is happening in each of my channels at any given moment.

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+1 vote for the “date” custom field format!

We’re finding ourselves using the drop down type field more and more. But the 50 limit has been once or twice restrictive especially if we use the field as a “Vendor” or “Customer” name field. It would be wonderful if the limit could be increased on this field from 50 to 100+

Hi @Michael_B, thanks for sharing this feedback! :clap: We already have a post on this topic. I have gone ahead and merged your post with Ideas to improve Custom Fields feature to centralize feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I’m wondering if Asana engineering is reviewing this? These are all great ideas. Are we all just talking in the dark? The forums seem to have lost actionable thunder in general.

“Excel like functions” for custom fields (like a sum of numbered fields) would be ah-mazing!


I want to second the radio buttons and checkboxes!

We’re really enjoying the custom fields feature however have hit a bit of a blockage with the number of rows allowed per row. We keep running out of space and having to create multiple fields to split the lists out. Would love if this capacity could be increased please.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Alana_Thomas!

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@Ray_Vellest spelled out all the concerns I have in a clear way. You got my vote!

Hi everyone!

Have you felt that a custom field of a recurring task should be autocleared when the task is completed, so the new task has the desired custom filed

I think this feature could improve a workflow automation in Asana, at least in my company. What do you think?


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We want to group custom text fields similarly to how drop downs are grouped - wherein the groups are divided by a bold header between each group.
The limit to max 50 drop down options is why we need to use the open text - which we enter the client acronym in, sort by and execute against the Asana cards in our backlog. Now that our client list is over 50 (and growing) - we can’t use the drop down and lost the ability to group by this field.
We will likely not be your only customer that needs something like this accomplished - and it seems like an easy fix.

Welcome to the Forum @marlo and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

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Have a great day!

Sounds great thanks!

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