Ideas on how to create a set of rules that move tasks to the right day of the week?

I’m using Asana personally/to manage my home and I have a Weekly Schedule project. Each of my tasks for the week live in a section on their respective day (e.g. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…) and an Upcoming section for things a bit farther out. I want to develop a set of rules that moves everything to the right day of the week. In a perfect world I would simply set my rules pertaining to this flow to run on one night per week. Since that isn’t a function (that I’m aware of) does anyone have any hacks/workarounds they know of?

Hi @Layla_Murphy

Presuming you are not wanting to do this in My Tasks as adding custom fields is not available yet.

  • Create a custom field that stores the days of the week.
  • Create rules that move the task to that column if both the due date is one week out and the CF is set to that day

This will keep all your later tasks in the other column and only move tasks when they are up for the next week.


Thank you so very much!!

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