Ideas for Resolution Voting


Need some good ideas for setting up a Board proposition voting format. I have initially set up a Custom Field with drop downs Yes-No-Abstain. I then created an Advanced Report for the results. Unfortunately it appears you can only use a custom field once, so to get the actual results you would have to have a custom report for Yes, and second for No and a third for Abstain. If this is correct, I would make a suggestion that Asana change this so you can use a Custom Field more than once on a Search to pull in more than one drop down result. Suggestions welcome!!!


I agree, that would be nice.

Also nice would be the ability to sort a Search Results list by one of the custom fields present in the tasks, and be able to hide/show columns for each custom field, all things that can be done in a regular project list (just not in a Search Results list).

@James_Carl, If you could use a list instead of a board for your project (or multi-home both), then you could sort by your custom Yes-No-Abstain custom field to see your voting results (and multi-select to get tallies of each vote type).


Thank you for your comments. When I mention “board” I mean Board of Directors, and I am using list view. But thank you for the sorting reminder and all of your response.


Hi Jim! When it comes to voting we at Asana usually use likes. We’ll say “like this task” or “like 3 tasks in this project” to vote. Then you could run a report for likes.

If you weren’t going to run a report and you wanted to observe, you could also assign a subtask for each member of the Board on each task and invite them to like (or not) their designated subtasks. That sounds a little more complicated than necessary, though.


Hey @James_Carl!

I think this depends on whether you want the board members who are voting also to be able to suggest voting options. Usually, we use one of two ways to vote on Asana:

The first one is what @Alexis described above - liking tasks. The second option is to open a conversation with each voting option as a comment. This way users can like the comment(s) of their choice and provide a new comment if they have another idea. Also, it kind of depends on how many votes each person should have.

In general, the like button is a good way to collect votes like Alexis said. The specific process depends on the kind of vote though.

Hope this helped!