Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks



I don’t suppose another user’s plea will motivate the product team if they haven’t been swayed yet :stuck_out_tongue:


As a new user I was kind of shocked that the entire hierachy of tasks aren’t displayed in the master list, but Instagantt seems to fill this gap nicely.


This would be such a huge feature if it was added. Would make my life alot easier organizing our tasks and keeping things visable as we use subtasks that are in multiple projects alot.


Hi @Aisling_Grogan

This seems like a useful workaround, unfortunately not available on the asana app where I do my work.

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Here also to bump this topic. Some team members dont like that subtasks are hidden from view, within a parent task. A way to see the subtasks as part of a Project List is to assign a subtask to a project but it is tedious to do one at a time.

Suggestions, would be if in settings you could one of the following:

  1. Turn on auto-project assign subtasks so if your team prefers this type of view, it could be done by default.
  2. Expand/Collapse Tasks on a Project List to see the subtasks captured within it in a single view.
  3. Drag and Drop interaction for subtasks to be added to a Project and seen in List view.
  4. Bulk manage subtasks (checkbox?) as everyone else is suggesting.


PLEASE add this feature! It’s so manual and time consuming to assign each individual subtask to a project and then makes the overall task list really confusing as they aren’t collapsable and it’s unclear where each sub-task belongs. It would be so helpful for so many users.


Bumping this feature request. A year is too long to be waiting for this very useful feature.


1+ here!!! Want more from subtasks!


@Alexis This is the most popular request in asana community, this is the most expected feature. It produced almost year ago and we don’t know any information about it. Please, give us know any your ideas or plans about that.


I was about to ask for the exact same thing as the original post.


Being able to see the sub-tasks in the main task list view is highly desired for our company. Currently having the sub-tasks visually embedded with each main task makes it hard to manage and users easily skip over the sub-tasks. Form a UI standpoint, if you were able to click on a task and the the sub-tasks show up indented below, this would make Asana much better than it already is.


Agree, this would be so helpful form a project management point of view. Is this something you’re currently working on?

Subtask 1
Subtask 2
Subtask 3
Subtask 1
Subtask 1
Subtask 2
Subtask 3


I think this feature is quite important and very useful for adding muti-tasking, I always use it on Smartsheet Free and Paid Version, but I found your tool is quite easier to use and want to see this feature on yours as well.


I am in support of this subtask view as well. I find it very confusing how subtasks are currently displayed identically to normal tasks. The need an indentation.

While we’re on the subject, when I create a subtask for a task that is in a project, that subtask should inherit that project. Why do I have to reassign a project to a subtask of a task that is in a project. It makes no sense. Please fix!!!


In addition to this it would be great if the speech bubble was highlighted once there are comments / actions within the subtask.


I’ve just come back to have another look at Asana (for the 2nd or 3rd time - now using Harvest so it feels like a good option). Set up a test project and some tasks and subtasks - then came across this issue.

Have to say its a big one for me - seems crazy this hasn’t been addressed given all the constructive and sensible feedback that’s been provided.

Feeling pretty disappointed right now - I thought I was finally about to embrace and start using Asana…


This is a huge problem for my organisation - we have hundreds of tasks listed as ‘No Project’

It’s impossible to sort the tasks according to Projects turning our project planning into a nightmare.

All tasks need to inherit the main project, task or subtask heading - otherwise the whole system is very poor.

Is there any news on how this is being rectified?



After researching this forum, it has become clear that other folks struggle to quickly review sub-tasks from the parent view. Below are two examples…

  1. Feature Request: Collapsible Sub-tasks
  2. Collapse/Summary feature for sections

I believe that more people would utilize sub-tasks if they were easier to access from the parent task. My suggestion would be to replicate the side-car behavior from the Projects and My Tasks views.

For example, when you click on a task under My Tasks, the side-car slides into view from the right side, allowing the user to quickly review. At this point, you are able to Tab+X to enter “full screen” view. Why not allow the sub-task to slide into the side-car when the parent task is in full-screen view?


Hi @Matt_Watkins and thank you so much for your feedback, I think that’s a brilliant idea! Merging it with Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks to consolidate feedback around this topic!