Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks



Was hoping to move our company and client projects to Asana. However, the ability to view subtasks under their parent tasks in a simple visually pleasing manner is a deal breaker.

Let me know once you have this fixed.

BTW I tried the advanced search, and it doesn’t cut it.




@Alexis , this has been asked in a number of feature requests and is sowing confusion for many of us. This was a weird UX decision. Do you also believe we should see this implemented? Thanks


Hi Thierry,

I hear you. That said, I’m unable to speak to feature timelines at this time. If you’d like to learn how we engage with product feedback in the Community, I recommend that you visit this thread:



@Alexis, Thanks for merging requests. I believe this one is for that feature as well:

Thanks again


Another +1M here. We’re currently not using Asana more broadly due to this feature missing.

@Alexis and @Aisling_Grogan, please provide a timeline for when we can expect this feature


Hi @Nick_Wadsley. We’re not able to provide a timeline for feature requests. For information on how we engage with requests in the Community, refer to this thread:


I also would love this feature! We are currently test-driving Asana after using Trello for a few reasons, but there are a few features that Asana is lacking in comparison and this is one that we’re missing.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m used to seeing in Trello:

This is the same view in Asana:

There are multiple issues here, but in sticking to the topic of this particular feature request, the ability to see how many subtasks there are, and how many have been completed, at a glance, is very powerful for a project manager.

There are many things we really like about Asana, but having to open that task and scroll through all the subtasks to determine progress is a real productivity killer when I’m not looking for the detail of WHAT is done, just how far along we are in this task.

Thanks for listening!!


+1 for this.
Really sad to see that so demanding and not so difficult to implement feature is pending since March.


I’m so disappointed this isn’t available in Asana. It’s a very simple and obvioulsy highly desirable feature. I’ll be honest - I haven’t, and won’t, pay for an upgrade if this feature isn’t available. It’s not good enough for me to pay for without it, which is sad because I much prefer Asana to Trello or Hive.


Another +1. We’ve been using Asana for a long time and not having this feature is a real problem… I love Asana’s simplicity and minimalism but this is such a heavily requested feature - can’t you guys give a more clear roadmap for this?


Very interested here in Asana, but lacking this sort of obvious UX is a major hindrance.


I don’t suppose another user’s plea will motivate the product team if they haven’t been swayed yet :stuck_out_tongue:


As a new user I was kind of shocked that the entire hierachy of tasks aren’t displayed in the master list, but Instagantt seems to fill this gap nicely.


This would be such a huge feature if it was added. Would make my life alot easier organizing our tasks and keeping things visable as we use subtasks that are in multiple projects alot.


Hi @Aisling_Grogan

This seems like a useful workaround, unfortunately not available on the asana app where I do my work.

Thank you,


Here also to bump this topic. Some team members dont like that subtasks are hidden from view, within a parent task. A way to see the subtasks as part of a Project List is to assign a subtask to a project but it is tedious to do one at a time.

Suggestions, would be if in settings you could one of the following:

  1. Turn on auto-project assign subtasks so if your team prefers this type of view, it could be done by default.
  2. Expand/Collapse Tasks on a Project List to see the subtasks captured within it in a single view.
  3. Drag and Drop interaction for subtasks to be added to a Project and seen in List view.
  4. Bulk manage subtasks (checkbox?) as everyone else is suggesting.


PLEASE add this feature! It’s so manual and time consuming to assign each individual subtask to a project and then makes the overall task list really confusing as they aren’t collapsable and it’s unclear where each sub-task belongs. It would be so helpful for so many users.


Bumping this feature request. A year is too long to be waiting for this very useful feature.


1+ here!!! Want more from subtasks!


@Alexis This is the most popular request in asana community, this is the most expected feature. It produced almost year ago and we don’t know any information about it. Please, give us know any your ideas or plans about that.