Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks

Why is nothing happening for adressing this issue. It feels like a billion people have said a billion times that this is an important feature and nothing at all happens. As even instagannt is able to implement this feature using asanas project data, I cant’t imagine there are major technical issues to overcome for the developers. While tons of new premium features are implementet (for a price), this elementary feature is still lacking. What’s going on, Team Asana?


Yeah…that’s where I came from Todoist and Wunderlist so I automatically look for that. lol


Wow. Looks like this has been requested for a while. How does Asana weigh on customer requests ? Just curious if its like Wunderlist where its much based on the number of requests the enhancement is given


Hi there, any news on that?

Can we know if at least is something that is beeing considered into the roadmap?



Hi @Natalia! Do you have any updates for us regarding this feature? Between this request and this one regarding showing subtasks in timeline it’s clear that many users want to be able to use subtasks more and have better visuals on it!

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Hi @Chan :wave:

In case you have missed it, we have recently implemented as a part of the New List View, the subtask indicator in Asana :smiley:

Now, you are able to see the number of subtasks within a task—without having to click on it —from List, Board, Calendar, Workload, or Timeline View. You can find out more about it in here: Have you checked our last last blog article? If not, hurry up, it includes a cool little surprise! 🎁

While I don’t have any information to share regarding this functionality on mobile, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Have a great Friday Chan!

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its a nice feature but what is really important is uncompleted sub task count.
trello has a nice way to visual this. it would be so helpful if asana has sth similar too this


Hi Natalia,

Thanks for that update! This is a clear step in the right direction but it still needs some work because:

  • as Marcin_Wronski mentions, we’re unable to quickly see completed vs incomplete tasks
  • there’s no way to get an overview of all subtasks for multiple (maybe related or dependant) tasks

I’ve submitted feedback on this as part of the new List view feedback form. There really needs to be a way to see all nested subtasks in order to get a solid grasp of the scope of work that’s on hand. Even for something as simple as wanting a quick overview of pending subtasks on one screen. There are lots of different use cases for seeing all subtasks nested under their tasks.


Hi @Chan!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I completely understand where you are coming from!

On my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have un update regarding this issue!

Have a great Wednesday!


We will leave Asana now, because they are not able to show subtasks in the list.
Sorry guys, how can YOU work without that? or don’t you use asana for yourself?
If any developer starts to do a project management/to do list showing the tasks and subtask is the very first goal of it?


I totally understand you and I would do the same if I was the one in my organization responsible for these decisions!!!

is this bug fixed now?

I’ve been following this thread for the last couple of years, truly appreciate all the constructive dialogue going on here.

But I’m still not able to visualize subtasks on my list, board, or timeline. :frowning: – Viewing the subtasks in list would be so helpful! And if we could get the custom fields extend down to the subtasks that’d be great too! Hope we can get this going soon

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If you open up a subtask, you can use the dropdown to add it to a project (or tab+p keyboard shortcut) and add that subtask to the project its parent task is in. It shows up in the list view & board view, as well as the calendar and timeline if you have a due date on it (and can afford premium to get the timeline view). It’s a pain to add each individual subtask, but on the other hand I can then remove completed subtasks from the project (note that it only removes them from view, it does not delete them) so it’s more clear what’s up next. I can set up future projects with all their subtasks and due dates, but only leave the parent showing so I can overview the major list of clients coming up without getting bogged down with due dates for individual elements. It’s a tradeoff, but it’s one I’m willing to make right now to get the best of both worlds

I really don’t think this should’ve taken over 2 years to discuss. The worst part about it is, it’s still not implemented.

This idea is a solid idea. It would show you the project at a high level. It should be an on/off type deal. Do you wish to see all subtasks or not? do you wish to see all subtasks or all active subtasks? yes or no?

Please make this happen today if possible because I need this yesterday.

Thanks Team Asana!


I would love to tag the Asana Team so that they can see what the people want. I took the time to show you, I think I’ve also seen a similar example elsewhere on here. It’s been about 3 years since this has been requested, and still nothing. To put it bluntly, my entire team is looking to jump ship because of this. Hopefully that will get someone’s attention.

Is it in the works still? Is it even a thought on Dev side? Are we writing these suggestions for no reason?

Give us something. I love Asana, and I use it daily, but this has become such a nuisance and a pain in the rear that I can no longer justify not using somthing else.

Hopefully somebody will listen and take this into serious consideration.

And to all Asana members who want this: Upvote, Like, do whatever/however to get Asana’s attention that this needs to be done.



Thank you Yazz! You are so right.
And dear Asana Team, please! Give us at least an update if this is even taken into consideration…

in the list view on desktop you may expand the list to see subtask.

thanks for that, but …

no way to sort the subtasks by due date ???

could you please fire your programming team?

a workaround to see subtasks on android mobile is to setup a custom search on desktop which includes subtasks in result list …
save that to a report and call the saved search report on mobile.

So, it looks like Asana finally made progress on this task and got the first step in the right direction done. THANK YOU, Team Asana!

Next action item:

  1. Expand capability to subtasks of subtasks, keep the drop-down feature going

Thanks again and great job!

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Definitely a step in the right direction! Next is to implement that unicorn feature of auto assigning a subtask to the parent task’s project(s).