Idea to improve summary info in a task card (re sub tasks)

Hi everyone - first post here, having migrated from Trello. I currently use Asana for self-management but hope to start using the tool for wider collaboration soon.

Something that I’d really like to see is that when I add sub tasks to a card/task, there’s no summary of those sub-tasks in the top level card. If I look at a card at the moment, there is no visual indicator that there are sub-tasks and therefore no summary info as to progress of those sub-tasks.

If I put a link or a comment or an attachment to a card, then there is a visual indicator that it exists. Using the same idea, could there be an indication that there are sub tasks (using your own icon), then followed by 8/10, meaning 8 sub tasks complete out of 10? It’s a real pain to manually remember which cards have sub tasks - and I use them a lot!

Is this on your product development roadmap - hope so :slight_smile:

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