ID of swimlanes

I would like to find the ID associated with a specific swimlane within my Asana dashboard. Where would I find this ID?

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Could you please elaborate more? What do you mean by the ID?
I assume you are referencing to the column in your board view, and you wanted to find something related to that column?

Hi @Rashad_Issa - yes, I would like to find the ID related to that column. I am trying to integrate a Google Sheets spreadsheet so the spreadsheet automatically creates tasks in Asana within a specific swimlane (column) in board view of my dashboard. Part of what is needed within the Apps Script code is the ID related to my dashboard, which I have grabbed from the URL (last string of digits). However, I am not finding a URL specific to a column, so I can’t find the column ID in the same way.

I’m curious if there is another place to find this column ID.

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The column (“section”) ID is not shown in any type of URL like the project ID is. To get the column IDs for a project, you can use this in your browser:{project_id}/sections

Which will give you a list of the columns/sections in the project as in:


Ah thanks @Phil_Seeman for stepping in!

Incredibly helpful - thank you both! @Rashad_Issa @Phil_Seeman


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