I'd like to summarise all tasks in one section into one time bar

We have many streams of work (sections) in one project, and sometimes we need to see how long a particular section will take, without losing the interdependencies between activities. It would be helpful to be able to click the little triangle and get all the tasks reduced to one time bar rather than them disappearing

Yes, a summary or hammock task for each section would be very helpful on larger projects or if you want to share just a rolled up or simplified view of the project.

Although if you are using sections as typical kanban boards (e.g. ToDo, Doing, Done) this really wouldn’t work. Unless you could group the timeline by another custom column other than the section, like I’d love to be able to do in the list view :wink:


I’m having a little trouble visualizing what you are trying to do here, but would sorting by due date/start date help here?

If losing section 411 when doing that is an issue, maybe create a colored custom field associated with the section and then use that as the color option when viewing timeline.

Hope this helps move you in the direction you are trying to go in.

I can’t speak for @Katie_McTavish but what I interpret her request as is pretty typical for any scheduling software - summary or hammock activities, or gantt chart bars that show the span (earliest start to latest finish) of the associated tasks.

Here’s a quick edit to try and show an example:

These would show even if you collapse the section, so you can still see the overall span of the collapsed/hidden tasks within the section.


Hi Ed
That’s exactly what we’re looking for. Thanks for the good example. I expected it as a basic functionality, having used alternative softwares in previous jobs. Maybe it could be added as a viewing option in Timeline and list views only to avoid any kanban issues in boards views.

Sadly, sorting by due date doesn’t help here (although I do this in the boards view to manange people’s work). What I need to do is see how long each section of work will take, without seeing all the component parts. Then I need to see minimal links , and ultimately, be able to see the critical path.
Thanks for your suggestions.