I'd like to be able to add or replace a parent task on a subtask (or task)



I can add a project to a subtask. That is awesome. I’d like to be able assign (or change) the parent item of a task in a similar way.

I can @… link another item. I should be able to complete from the same list to identify the parent item of a task by selecting the option from the (…) menu a the top and (add as subtask to item) for items that are not subtasks, or to click an (edit) or X next to a parent item to select a replacement or remove the item from its parent


Hi! it sounds like you’re saying you want to make an existing task (#1) a sub-task of another task (#2), thereby making task #2 a parent task. You can do this if both tasks are in the same project. Within the project, open task #2 that you want to turn into a parent task. Start a new sub-task on task #2 and leave it open. In a single click-drag movement, go select task #1 and drag it over the sub-task area of task #2. Not quite the same workflow you describe, but I think that’ll get the job done.


Hi Ben,

I’m specifically requesting the workflow. If I have a task that only exists on a board, … how do I make it a subtask of another item, especially an item on, for example, another board … a thing I need to do with some frequency.

Right now, I accumulate individual tasks quite rapidly, and often, need to organize those tasks into an overall strategy. As a result, I combine related tasks into strategies I keep on a particular list.