Icon color change bug

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When I tried to change the icon color for my project from purple to white, it would not save. Every time I pressed the check to submit, my icon remained purple. When I then tried changing my icon from purple to red, it worked, and I was then able to change my icon from red to white. It seems that only purple to white produced the error.

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Hi @Brandon_Kressin,

Are you able to reproduce this issue again? If so could you record a screencast following the info below to help us investigate this issue?

How to record a screencast:
We recommend using a tool like Loom to record your video screencasts: https://www.useloom.com/

In your video screencast, we recommend that you use a Chrome Incognito window and have your Javascript console open:

Hi @Brandon_Kressin, just checking if you have any updates for us? :slight_smile:

I’m closing this bug thread since we haven’t heard from you but please let us know if you experience any issues, we’ll be happy to help you!