I would like to email to a task and assign a due date AND a person responsible



We have a team that is broken out by role and some have cross-role responsibilities.
I would like to send an email “Task: Action” to an Asana task and ASSIGN directly to a person WITH a Due Date.

This was discussed before and the suggestion was filed. Any further status OR updates?


If you are using outlook then Sendana is a great tool which allows you to do what you are after www.sendana.net . Or if using Gmail then the Asana Gmail App I think covers that.



Thanks for sharing your feedback @Joseph_Diosana_Lead!

As @Jason_Woods mentioned you can use Sendana with Outlook and the Asana add-on for Gmail if you’re a Gmail user; more info are available in this handy article: https://asana.com/guide/help/api/gmail-add-on