I would like to disable free premium trial


I have recently signed up for Asana and was immediately gifted a month-long premium account, so thank you for that :smile:

However, when I opened my account the primary reason was to test out and see if the free capabilities met my needs. Which is now not possible (because as far as I saw, there are no indicators in the application as to what is free and what is premium) and I have to wait a month. Would it be possible to remove the premium features immediately?

Welcome, @Berke_Gözneli,

To learn exactly what Premium adds, go to Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana, scroll down, then click Compare all features.

If you still want to return to the Basic plan, you can request that by emailing support@asana.com and perhaps they’d be able to remove Premium without having to wait.



Thanks @Ipb,

I have checked that page and have somewhat of an idea what is offered with the Premium account, but was thinking that there could have been some details that escaped the broader definition that is written there.

I will contact the support.

Have a nice day!

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