I want to return a project with a standard form

Hi, I want to create a project that has an standard form that returns every day.
We want to use a project that has a TO DO list for the next day and comments of the day before.
A Hand-over actually.

What’s the best way to do this, atm we have a project that returns every day but I guess it returns the same text that’s filled in the day before and not a empty standard form.

Is there a way? Many thanks!

Did you try using a recurring task with subtasks?
The description will carry over to the next day, but any comments will not.

Hello! @JSQ

I made a Shift log project for my team where they opened a template task and took notes of their shift for the most need to know chats of the evening or weekend and documented in the template and instead of completing the task they changed a field stating their shift was over and it would reassign that same task to the new person the new person would review the shift log from the previous weekend or evening create their new task from the template and copy and paste any information that carried over from the old task to the new task for the next shift and then completed the old shift task and continued their shift with the new task with the carried over information.

This helped me when I reviewed these logs to track trends and tickets that were held open too long and the reasoning why.

I’m foreseeing elements of this potentially being useful and at the time I built this I was still pretty new to Asana I’m sure there’s ways to optimize this even more!!