I should be able to fetch memberships as a child object

This applies to workspace_memberships, team_memberships, and project_memberships, I’ll discuss in terms of projects for simplicity. When I fetch a project, I can include memberships, but this is just the users themselves. To fetch the additional flags associated with that user’s participation in the given project, I must instead call the project_memberships endpoint. This creates a significant number of additional API calls, which is quite slow. It would be better to have the full membership objects as an optional child field.

Hi @Lance_Cooper and welcome to the forum,

I have news for you on this topic but it’s not good news. :grimacing:

The Asana API did actually used to have the exact capability you describe, but they removed it - I believe they found it could sometimes create too big of a resource hit on their infrastructure depending on the amount of data being requested.


Well that’s certainly not the news I wanted, but thanks so much for getting me the info so quickly!

Do changes to project membership set modified_at on the project? Being able to do “dirty checking” would make this a non-issue, as I could then skip the calls for projects not modified since I last fetched them.

I’m almost positive they do, but… at present, any change to a task in a project sets the modified_at for that project, which might mean too much noise for you. I think they consider that a bug and are looking to fix it, but I don’t know more than that.

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