I need to only show 1 month's tasks in "My Tasks List"



I love that I can assign tasks for myself or others to remember for months down the road, but when I use the My Tasks list, I don’t want to be overwhelmed with a giant list of tasks that I am not working on currently. This was part of the reason I actually took a break from Asana for a while and went back to a basic reminders app for any tasks I needed to work on for myself. I’m trying to get back into using Asana more regularly for my work related tasks, but sometimes it can still feel overwhelming.


Would you be better off with an Advanced Search that is saved as a favorite that narrows the scope of what you are focusing on. Also could combine Tags or Custom Fields.


I know what you mean, Shane. It can be overwhelming to see it all in one long list. That’s why I usually have the ‘Later’ section collapsed, and keep everything in Upcoming down to due within the next month.

James’s Advanced Search recommendation would narrow it down even further for you.


I just now realized how to sort by Today/Upcoming/Later, I’ve always had it sort by Due Date. This actually solves everything for me I think.


It is a TOTAL game changer for real. I just talked about it in another thread. Definitely suggest it to others, I have - and it really really helps for planning your day! =)