I need the ability to assign a monthly task for a specific date outside of weekends.

Hello all,

Our office is open Monday through Friday and closed on weekends. The issue I am having is if I have a monthly task assigned for the 1st of each month, there are times where the 1st falls on a weekend and if that happens I would like my notification to happen the earliest business day prior, say the 31st was the Friday before the 1st, in this instance I would need to finish my task on the 31st and not the 1st as we are closed on the day the task repeats monthly.

Is there an ability that lets me apply logic to repeating tasks to know our hours of operation? For now all I can seem to do it create 12 tasks for the year with specific dates where I organize when the 1st of each month is and adjust times accordingly, depending if the 1st is on a weekend or not.


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