I need some kind of contact number for support.

is there not some kind of support number to call. i have submitted support tickets just for them to close out after responding and never getting answers to my questions

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Max_Sinclair :wave:
Asana does not have a number to call, you’d have to reach out via ticket and keep in mind every time you follow up your request is pushed back to the end of the queue.

Now this is very strange and not something I experienced before.
Have you tried responding back so it reopens the ticket? Or maybe they just merged your tickets into one main one in case you opened more?

If this is a specific account-related question then support will be the right place to get an answer from.
If your question is in regards to general Asana assistance you can also create a post here in the forum so we can assist you :slight_smile:

yes, ive reached out via tickets but since my admin account email is not my personal work email they give me the same answer every time “we do not see an account with the email you are sending from” and i then restate my ticket subject line that i am trying to get the admin account changed to the email that i am emailing from because the past admin no longer works for our company and we do not have access to said old email. And thats as far as the Asana support team goes with my request, i never hear anything back.

Is there anybody else in your organization that still has access to Asana with a work domain email that could maybe also email?
Or if the past admin left the company maybe his/her email can just be reactivated in order to email and get this changed fast? I mean then you could also request the password change to login to Asana via that account and amend it yourself.

i have access to the account but can not change the email associated with the account for me todo this i believe i would have to have access to the email. and i am not permitted to use someones email since that is a security problem with our IT department.

I see because I was wondering whether you can add yourself as second super admin so you can perform all admin actions until Asana helps with amending the main owner to your emails as well.