I need reminders to complete tasks (not the default ones Asana has in place.. those are not nearly enough)


I’m keeping track of lots of tasks in Asana… I also work out of a CRM that is totally seprate and a communications platform known as Slack… With all of these softwares I’m using… I continue to miss task deadlines because the lack of reminders… I get it… the reminders come “a week before, the day of, a day after” blah blah… Totally understand. But not being able to set a reminder to complete a task forces you to just continue to login to an app (asana) that you shouldn’t have to… UNLESS, you want to mark a task complete… NOT to check what tasks you need to complete… if you guys don’t have this feature… can you point me in the direction of a task management app that does?


Hi @Nicodemus_Pikras and welcome to the Community Forum! You’re 100% right, as it stands our reminders notifications can’t be personalized but I would suggest adding your vote to this thread: Notification Levels and Settings