I need more room to see tasks and the Description box takes one third of the screen


I have been looking everywhere for how to get rid of the description box and I have only been able to find something for the board view, not the list view, which I use. If someone knows how to get rid of the description box in the list view please tell me!

Thanks for your help guys.


Hey @Andrew3,

if you delete the description text of the project, the description box will be disappeared. Unfortunately, there is no way to full-extend the list view of the tasks (main pane) having a text in the project description.

Hope I helped.


Thank you for your comment.

As you can see in the photo I attached, there is no text in the description box. I made sure there was no space or something that can not be seen. So I have tried the method you mention before and the box is still there.


Weird. In my case, when I delete the description the box disappeared and the task list expanded to the right.


Same as @Diakoptis, box disappears when there is no text entered. What browser are you using? Did you try a full refresh of the page?


Thanks, I think it is a problem with my computer. I tried on another computer and your method worked. Thanks for your help!


We have the opposite problem. We wish there were a way to expand the description box to full width of the screen and keep it that way