I need a way to UPDATE existing tasks with a spreadsheet import

My parent company puts out reports for products in excel format. Each product gets periodic updates. Each product has a unique id# that i have uploaded already as a master list of units, each one is a “task” in the master project. Each time i need to work with a unit i’ll look it up and add subtasks as appropriate etc.

But each one of those units has data associated with it that i have entered into custom fields in the master project. Periodically this data changes. Its a LOT of data to go through.

So far I haven’t seen any capabilities in Asana other than importing NEW tasks. I need a way to UPDATE existing tasks with a spreadsheet. It will be untenable to manually go through each one and change a pulldown menu, or a tag, or a dollar amount, or whatever, on literally thousands of tasks in the master project.

I really need a way to do this for Asana to be truly useful to my office. An extension, 3rd party app, built in feature… something… There HAS to be a way.

I really think this will have to be a custom application. You might want to check http://productivity-experts.com/. @Bastien_Siebman has written many tools and owns Templana. @lpb is the author of Asana2go. @Phil_Seeman is the developer of Flowsana and @Mahmudul_Hasan knows the API well and his written several utility programs for me including Sendana Add and Sendana Date. There certainly are more on this resource but not sure if all are API developers versus Zapier etc.


Yeah, I thought about this - thought about Zapier and other avenues - and I concur with James, I couldn’t come up with a way to accomplish this using any existing tools I know of. I think it would have to be a custom app. From what you describe it would not be too difficult to do. If you want to go that route, I’d recommend you contact the resources James mentioned in his post.

Hi @AlexM - Were you able to find a solution to update existing tasks with a spreadsheet?