I have created 2 custom field with same names

Hi @Marie and @Emily_Roman

I managed to create 2 custom fields with the same name without receiving an alert.

To do this, you need:

  • create a field (not shared in the library) in a 1st project
  • create the same field (still not shared in the library) in a 2nd project
  • and then edit one of the 2 fields and share it in the library.

It then becomes possible to add 2 fields with the same name in a project.
I noticed that if you launch an advanced search with a filter on the field, then you can select only one of the 2 fields even though they have the same name.

cc @Bastien_Siebman


I’m pretty sure this is expected behavior and has come up before.

This makes sense because Advanced Search only sees org-wide Custom Fields.



Oh i didn’t know that :+1:

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Hi @Julien_RENAUD! It seems you created an Org-wide Test field and another Test field that is only associated with the project. As @lpb mentioned, this is currently expected behavior! However, please note you will only be able to search by the field that is added to the Organization library.


Ok thank you to both of you, I thought Advanced Search was searching all tasks whatever the custom field you use (shared or not in the library).

This is an important point to understand why I sometimes don’t find certain tasks in my research, and it’s let’s say, a small trap :wink:

Indeed it appears but the user has to know well Asana to understand this subtlety.

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My strong advice to people is: don’t do that.

I can see nothing but confusion resulting from creating two custom fields of the same name, one organization-wide and one project-specific.

If I recall, I think the reason Asana allows it is because there are some built-in organizational dropdown list custom fields, and they didn’t want to block people from creating fields of that same name with different dropdown values.

But I still would never do it.


I totally agree with you, I just discovered you can have two identical fields in the same project, but of course it should be avoided :+1:

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