I have an Organisation, how can I add a (personal/private) Workspace?



At the moment all I have is my business / organisation for me / my staff. This was set up using our business domain and my business email address.

How can I add a personal workspace so that I can track other projects outside of the above organisation?

Sorry I’m sure there are answers for this in here but I just can’t find them!

Thank you


You can go to Profile Settings > Account > Create new workspace :slight_smile: then you’ll be able to access both from the top right corner menu.


Thank you Bastien. Got it! And now, do I have to use my business email address, or can I use a personal one for the workspace and business one for the organisation (to keep things completely separate)


You can add your personal email address (in Profile Settings > Email) that will allow you to receive notifications on your business email for the Org and personal email for the workspace. However I do recommend you use the Asana Inbox :slight_smile:
Apart from notifications, it does not make much sense (for me) to add your personal email. There is absolutely no communication between the org and the workspace.


But you can decide to have two separate accounts, opened in two different browsers or two different sessions. But being able to switch between org and workspace with a click is nice.