I don't see my task to make the current task dependent on...

Hi. I have a task with a subtask that I want to be dependent on another subtask.
The issue is that when I click on “make subtask of”, the subtask I’m looking for does not appear in search box.

Hi @Andrew_Collings, welcome back to the Forum, and sorry for the trouble. To clarify, you type in the name of the subtask in the “make subtask of” box and the subtask doesn’t show up, correct? That’s really odd. I tried on my end, with two subtasks and even created them in different Teams, but it worked fine. Would you be so kind as to try from a different browser or incognito window and let us know if this helps? I have a feeling that this might be a browser issue. If not, I will be more than happy to investigate this further for you!

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: