I created a new team, and that resulted in 2 Accounts?

Im testing out Asana, and when I first signed up there was now team on my account. I thought the first place I would like to add more people was for Marketing. So I added marketing as a team. But I also added Figma as a place where I could add tasks. When I now am in Marketing and working, I do not get the tasks from Figma, they turn out to be in a separat Account? Is that common practice, that every team is in their own silo and Account? I would like 1 account with several teams. How to achieve this?

Welcome, @Rune_Solberg,

Asana Support will likely be your best bet for help with this as they can see your configuration details.

Try these troubleshooting steps, then please create a support ticket, go to www.asana.com/support (make sure you are logged in to Asana) > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket.”



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Thank you! Will try that.


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