I couldn't create your Asana task because I didn't recognize the address you sent the email to




I am getting an email repeatedly from no-reply@asana.com with the subject heading “We couldn’t process your email”. The thing is, WHAT email? I haven’t tried to send any emails in conjunction with Asana. I just set up an Asana account today and I guess I’m a newbie because I don’t understand for the life of me why it keeps sending me emails with this error:

“I couldn’t create your Asana task because I didn’t recognize the address you sent the email to: bounces+9814-5766-erichepperle=ehepperle.com@mail.asana.com

I say “keep” because the third duplicate email from the Asana team seems to imply that it would just keep on sending me emails except that something stopped it. This one prepended:

“Additional messages received in the next 227 seconds may not receive a response.”

Also, I’ve created several projects, categories, subcategories, and tasks within the 2 hours between when I first logged into my new account and when I first noticed the error emails. Everything on the front end client side seems to be working fine.

I’ve not created any tasks via email, nor have I done any GUI or API development.

I searched Google and only found one article mentioning the error message. The automatic topic matching section on the right claims some topics are similar, but upon clicking the links they aren’t the same, nor do they offer any solution to my issue. These are the links I already investigated, to no avail.

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  1. Why is Asana repeatedly sending me emails?
  2. What caused them to stop?
  3. What is the meaning of the error message I referenced?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @Eric_Hepperle - Thanks for outlining this issue in such detail. This looks like an issue that will need custom support. I recommend sending exactly what you’ve sent here to our support team at asana.com/support and they’ll be happy to help!


Ok, thanks for the quick reply @Alexis! I’ll see if I can reach support.