I can't use the program without upgrading

I accidently pressed the button to try a free trial and now that the trial is over I have a window in front of my program that only gives me the option to upgrade, and I can’t use the program without upgrading. This is really unproductive and infuriating. Too bad because I really like the software.

Hey Samuel,

Could you send a screenshot of what your page looks like? If the page has “choose your plan” at the top all you need to do is click the Asana logo in the top left and it should send you back to your free version. Let me know if that is the case!

I recall I had this issue… above the three pricing plans there is a subtle grey text link mentioning something along the lines of ‘use the free/basic plan…’. Click that link instead and it will take you through a series of pages showing you what you will loose out on without the Premium/Business plan etc. Click through these pages until you confirm that you will use the basic plan. Hope that helps!

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