I can't sort MyTasks by tags? But why?



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Guys… how is sorting and filtering by tag not the first thing that was coded? C’mon :slight_smile: Tags are pretty useless without this. It’s such a basic premise that I didn’t even bother to check whether this functionality existed before deploying a bunch of tags on all my tasks

Please implement, it shouldn’t even be that hard of a user story, plus you already have sortable tables, it just needs to be plugged into that.

I get you want to charge for premium to unlock custom fields, and sortable/filterable tags would give you similar functionality in some instances for tags like ‘high priority’. Either make tags premium or add some basic sorting/filtering to bring parity with every app ever made that has tags in it


Has this been resolved?

Anyone know if this is even on the roadmap, doubling down here. What is the point of the tags if you cannot do anything with them? Do they get exported into Excel at least?

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