I assigned a task to my virtual assistant and I can no longer see it.

I spent a long time writing up a task. I made my VA the assignee.
Then I clicked close and I can’t see the task at all. She can apparently which is great, but when I go into “Va’s tasks” I can’t see it in that view either.

Can someone explain to me:

  1. How to see the task I just created
  2. How to stop this from happening in the future

Hi @Joey_Thomas
If the Task in a Project that both you and your VA has access to then you can see that task via that project.
If you are a Collaborator on that task then any time your VA makes updates/comments etc you should be notified in your inbox of those changes.

Welcome to the community as well… I hope this helps…



Thanks for your reply but you haven’t answered my question

  1. How do I see the task I just created (given I didn’t assign myself as a collaborator). Why is the task invisible when I go to my VA’s task list?

  2. I appreciate that I’ll make myself the collaborator next time around…

I spent a long time creating the task and can’t even see it now. I find this part of ASANA really unintuitive.

Hi @Joey_Thomas

Have a read of this Guide article to explain in more detail.

My assumption is that you have created a task not in a Project probably just from your My Task view and then Assigned it to your Va and removed yourself as a Collaborator. This effectively makes in a Private Task which is only visible by the person Assigned to it. I would suggest asking your VA to add you back as a Collaborator and create a Common project between you that you store these tasks in.

Once the task is no longer Private you will be able to see it in your VA’s task list as well.


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