I am having problems sorting within the "MY TASKS" list - Help!



Within the “MY TASK” list, my tasks are sorted completely wrong.
I chose View: Tasks by Due Date, and task due today are listed before the “Marked for Today” list.
The tasks that have no dates show up within the “Marked for Today” list.

I don’t get it. Their sorting is limited and weak. This from a Task Management software… uncomprehensible. I am unable to recommend Asana to my clients.


Hi @Alain_Iskandar- I’m sorry for your frustration and confusion, and I hope I can help with some information about the logic of My Tasks.

The default sorting option in My Tasks is the “Incomplete Tasks” view which utilizes the Priority sections of “Today”, “Upcoming”, and “Later” to prioritize what you want to do today and this week. If you change the view to sort by Due Date, you will then see all of the items that have due dates at the top in chronological order, and then under that, you will see the items without due dates within the priority section they are in (those marked for Today, Upcoming, or Later). If you were to switch the View back to sort by Incomplete, you would see those tasks without due dates in your Today section.

Therefore, if you want to utilize the “Tasks by Due Date” view, I would recommend putting dates on everything you want to see in the top ordering. Otherwise, I would recommend utilizing the Incomplete Tasks view with the Priority sections to get a good list of everything due today each morning. You can see more about the priority sections here..

Let me know if you have other questions on this, and hopefully others can chime in with how they use their My Tasks.


I’ve created a “project” for each person on my team, and under their individual projects I assign tasks. We want these tasks to be sorted alphabetically, which I can do on my view, but “alphabetically” is not an option for any of the team members. When I “save my view for everyone” it does nothing. How do my team members sort alphabetically?