Hyperlinks in Custom Fields


Is this active yet because I put a URL in a custom field formatted as text and nothing happened. I read the blog to say this is available, or did I misunderstand it.


Can you Hyperlinks in Custom Fields?

It’s working for me. But only with specific conditions.

  • Text fields only.
  • Field has to begin with https:// or http://


Can you use hyperlinks in custom fields? I have a large project that I’m adding to Asana and cannot seem to figure out how to do this. If it’s not available I may not be able to move this project to Asana.


Hi @Dawn_Betts,

Yes. You can set the custom field as a text and, if it’s a link, Asana will have the option of visiting the link:



I have put some links in to test this. They are correct because I can copy and paste and the correct website and page comes up. However, Asana does not give me the option in the corner to visit link. Any thoughts as to why?


I think I figured out why. I have other information along with the link in the custom field. Is there any way to hyperlink text instead of having the link all by itself?


I guess it just recognizes that it’s a link when it’s just a link. If you put more text, it will treat like a text