HR Admin and Other Admins - Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns



Hello, Asana Community!

As an HR Professional for my organization, and an admin, I know that I can go in and alter other groups permissions (entering into them, etc) and the group gets no notifications that I’ve done this. I am then able to go through anything I want in that group.

My concern is that this goes both ways. If HR is using this amazing tool and we have other employees as admins, they can enter into HR’s projects and tasks that may contain confidential information? Is there an HR integration or is there anything unique for HR that helps us keep sensitive information within our HR team inaccessible to other admins? Not saying any of my wonderful employees would do this but when it comes to mitigating the risk of confidential information potentially being accessed, I have some concerns.

Let me know your feedback!


I am not positive about this answer, but I am an additional administrator on a non-profit organization and my administrator access is still limited to Teams I have been accepted to. I speculate that even administrators can only see Tasks that they are a team or project member within a task. See @Alexis or another employee may want to weigh in on this also. If a Team is set as membership by request the Team controls. I would wonder if the ability to adjust Permission Settings of a Team could back door into the Team is the only question I would have.