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How can I convert a dashboard to a separate list of projects?

How can I delete teams?


To delete, click the … at the end of the team name, select Edit Team Settings, click the Advanced tab, select the little Delete Team link at the bottom. Then enter the EXACT team name and click Delete Team and Projects.

Keep in mind this will also delete all the project in that team so be sure to reassign them to a new team before deleting this team.


Hi @Cheryl_Dionaldo, I’m not sure what you’re asking with respect to converting a dashboard to a separate list of projects. Can you explain more?


Thank you, Michael. Is this feature found in the free version?

We’d like to hold off getting the premium version until we’ve explored all the features to suit our needs.



Hi Ryan,

I created several projects on sticky notes that show up on the dashboard. My manager says it is difficult to see them from her phone. She is asking if I can convert the sticky notes to lists so she can scroll down to view the projects on her phone.




Yes. I believe it is. See the Advanced tab section in this guide.


Ahh Cheryl, are you talking about a BOARD view project (like with columns/kanban style sticky notes) - not the dashboard? So you created a board view project with sticky note tasks, and your boss wants to convert the project to a list view?

The answer is you can’t easily convert projects between board and list view, best thing is to just create a new project as list view and add the tasks to both projects using multi-home. So the list view project is for your boss to use, and boards are for you to use - but house the same tasks.

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