How to zoom into attached photo

i recognized that when i go to “Attach / Take Photo”, on my smartphone, can’t zoom into the taken and attached photo on my smartphone … which would tear down lots of usability in my cases. I need to zoom into attached photos especially on the smartphone.

I recognized that its possible to attache by selecting a file, and that one then can be downloaded and zoomed … not a snappy thing any more.

Questions :
a) Is there a way to zoom into the “Attach / Take Photo” photos, after they are attached, on my smartphone ?
b) where do the smartphone “Attach / Take Photo” files reside ?


Hi @Frank_H. I use an android and cannot zoom on photos either. I think it’s just not a functionality that’s included. I hope they do add that eventually.

I believe you can download the photo and then zoom with your phone’s photo viewer. Hope that helps in the meantime.

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