How to you manage your tasks?

How do you manage your tasks?

I would appreciate your feedback in my current survey on task management:

It will take no more than 1​0​
minutes​, and you will be helping me in my research.

Every entry is highly appreciated!

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Hello Isabell,
good idea to ask the Asana community for feedback!

I recommend you give us a bit background what you are doing and for what you are collecting these kind of information.
Will you ask only Asana users or also users of every task management tool?

I am very sure, these information will also motivate more community members to join your survey.

Sebastian from Berlin :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastian,

thanks for your feedback.

I am doing this research for my study project on task management apps. The data will only be for my own personal use.

I am indeed trying to reach users of other task management apps too.

Have a great day!

What is the survey already closed?

I have received enough responses, so yes it’s closed now. How can I deleted this whole topic?

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