How to view which team a template is in?


Hi there,

I created a test team and a project there, so I’m able to see the option to move it to a different team.

(Instructions for doing so are here, as reference:

I’ve been made the owner of a template (in another team, I suppose), but I’d like to move it to a separate team. However, that option doesn’t exist in the menu, i.e. Right after the option of ‘Add Tasks via’ is ‘Export/Print’.

Related question: How would I view what team a specific project/template exists in?



Hello and welcome to the forum! These are great questions and I hope that I can help out a little bit. As far as viewing templates by team, when you create a project you will see the view below. You should see all of the teams that you are on and be able to tab over to each team to see the lists of templates for each team.

As for moving a template from one team to another, the templates are just projects that have been tagged as templates. You need to move the project or make a copy from one team to the other.
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Hello @jptech :wave:

That sounds odd, I have tested this on my end and was able to see the option to move my Template Project to another Team (see screenshot below). The only time I was unable to see the option in the Project drop-down was when I was added to the Template Project as a Comment-Only Member.

Could you please send me a screenshot of what you are currently seeing in the Project drop-down?

I hope either myself or @Katie_Reynolds were able to help a bit!


Hi @Katie_Reynolds, @Edda :wave:

Appreciate the quick responses. Thanks to your help I was able to figure out both.

  • Viewing templates: I used Katie’s suggestion, clicked on the team, and was able to view both projects and templates there. I wasn’t aware that a template was a project that was simply tagged as such. Good to know!
  • ’Moving Templates’: Confirmed, @Edda. The template I am trying to move resides within a team that I am not a part of (so I must’ve been added to just the template then?). I created a new team, then created a project > template, and am now able to see the ’ Move to Another Team’ option.

Thanks for your help!