How to view all tasks I am a collaborator on


I would like to be able to see all the tasks I have been added as a collaborator on. Is there a way to view these like assigned tasks? My Tasks dashboard only shows me the tasks I am assigned. Since I can’t see that I am a collaborator unless I go through my inbox, or someone comments - it is hard to keep track and find them.

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Welcome @Ginger_Jarvis,

If you’re on an Asana paid plan you have access to Advanced Search and can simply fill in the form specifying “me” for the Collaborators field and then save that search as a report on your left sidebar so you can get to it quickly anytime. More info at Using Search & Advanced Search in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide .

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Hi Larry,

the custom search/report function is a reasonably good solution.
However, I’d find it much more intuitive if you could add a switch/filter to show tasks where you are a collaborator in “My Tasks”. This would improve visibility and place the tasks where I’d expect them to be.
It took some time for my colleagues and I and to understand and use custom searches. I just discovered the report function through your post, I’ve been using bookmarks to the custom search URLs before. Maybe reports should be more prominent in the onboarding process.

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Hi @anon658648,

In order for Asana to consider your suggestion, you should create a new Forum post in the #productfeedback category and vote for it, then others can too.

You might consider that many associate My Tasks deeply with assigned-to-me tasks only; perhaps in addition to My Tasks, adding a My Collaborations view is another alternative to propose.




Hi, just testing asana . Is there a way to see the tasks I am a collaborator if Brot in paid plan?

I was looking for this exact solution, I’m honestly surprised it doesn’t already exist. Did you create the forum entry for it? I’d happily upvote it.

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Hi @Nick_Sena, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can use our Advanced Search feature and add yourself in the collaborator field: Using Search & Advanced Search in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

You can also find some other ways to achieve this here: How to see and search many collaborators of a task :slight_smile:

Thank you but I was looking for a way to see all tasks I am a collaborator on in My Tasks.
If being added as collaborator was a trigger, I could create a custom section for those tasks.


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