How to update a project brief in python?

Hi everyone,
I would like to update a project brief of a project in python but I am getting following error when I try to get the current project brief.

result = client.project_briefs.get_project_brief(project_brief_gid, {‘param’: ‘value’, ‘param’: ‘value’}, opt_pretty=True)
AttributeError: ‘Client’ object has no attribute 'project_briefs’Blockquote

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I suggest you dig into te python library source code to make sure it does support project briefs. This is fairly new addition to the API and maybe not all clients are up to date.

Let us know!

You are right!

I’ve got version 0.10.3 but project briefs were implemented on version 0.10.9.
Unfortunately, I am not capable to install the newest version manually.

Is there an easy way to install it? pip install did not work, because its not deployed yet.


I had the same issue a few years ago, and the nodeJS client was allowing the use of the dispatcher directly to target a custom endpoint while managing the rest (authentication, rate limit…). You should try to look at the code and see if you can!

I found my code, look!

// using dispatcher because the sections are not managed by the Node client yet
        this.asanaService.getClient()`/projects/${project.gid}/sections`, payload)
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Hey, thanks for response. But this solution works with Node, right? Sorry if I get it wrong, but I would like to stay on python. Basically, I just need the newest python version (0.10.9) which is for some reason not published yet. But if there is no way around I will try it with Node. - never used it before :slight_smile:

This is a solution for Node indeed but it was a built-in workaround so I am guessing the same workaround is available in the python client.

Got it. Thanks